Has someone had a problem while installing an additional language pack for Libreoffice on Knoppix, while using Synaptics Package Manager?

My problem is, when I'm trying to install for example, the Spanish translation for Libreoffice, Synaptics requires to "Uninstall" some things and update others,
while is actually, uninstalling the whole Libreoffice suite. But the language pack install succesfully, but it leaves me broken packages of Libreoffice that are unable
to repair.

Note: I have Knoppix 7.4.2 installed on a Kingston DT SE9 32GB, with persistent image

Please note i have re-installed the whole system 5 times and the same error continues. Please avoid telling that the persistent image is corrupt, Knoppix installation is
corrupt, since it has fresh untouched settings or your system is obsolete.