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Thread: flashplugin-nonfree (update) fails

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    @ utu

    ... doing a manual installation ...
    What I mean is to use the copy & paste approach as noted in the readme.txt of the .tar.gz downloaded from the Adobe website. It won't get checked by aptitude/apt-get/dpkg and registered in the database.

    Just did a quick "manual installation" to upgrade the player to 202.457 and used the flash player tester on the official website to check if the player can play the clip. As usual (for me, at least), the tester complained about the outdated plugin. After I clicked on the grey area but the "Check for updates..." button and asked the iceweasel to allow the plugin, the clip still played.

    If the interested video stream is able be played on KNOPPIX 7.2 but 7.4.2, the video is likely to be DRM protected. Then HAL package and the packages on which it depends are needed to pull from wheezy repository. There is another tester on their website to verify if the player is able to play the DRM protected video clip.
    Title: Problems playing protected video content | Ubuntu Linux, Flash Player 11

    [ Do at Your Own Risk ]
    In the case of the video stream being embedded in a https web page with mixed content, set the security.mixed_content.block_active_content in the about:config of iceweasel to false. The original info is from

    If it's still no luck, then I cannot be of any help...

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    I donīt remember well now but you only need to download the tar.gz, extract it, and place the inside /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins or if you also use firefox inside /usr/lib/firefox/plugins In other live cds it is in /usr/lib/flashplugin/... I donīt remember now if there was an /usr/lib/iceweasel, I am not using knoppix now and I donīt use iceweasel, I normally download firefox and execute it manually, so I was copying inside /usr/lib/firefox/plugins and restart.

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