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Thread: ZOMBIE iceweasel and icedove simultaneously !

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    ZOMBIE iceweasel and icedove simultaneously !


    Iceweasel and Icedove became ZOMBIE simultaneously (knoppix 7.2).
    Impossible to get them again even by killing the processes with the knoppix tools give in "the Knoppix/SystemTools" .

    I was obliged to restart my laptop. Does somebody understand the probable origin of the problem?

    (Necessarily relied to a certain common "mozilla configuration"?).


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    Are you new to Knoppix? It appears that you are aware of system monitor, which means you must be aware of Linux and are conversant with it, although not too well.
    Please don't be offended by my observations and suggestions.
    Please do try to elaborate your situation for us members to help you - your computer info, other Operating System residing on your HDD, please provide as much information as you can.

    GNU-Linux exists because of The Social Contract, and the FOSS architecture. In FOSS nothing is hidden except your personal data. You could even read the source codes, unlike the proprietary ones. Still, the system is robust. Even the System Admin doesn't know your password, but they can reset it.

    Now given your problem, members would like to ask you about the application logs. If you aren't aware of the log files then members would tell you about their whereabouts, because the log files tell you why did the application failed
    Iceweasel's history log is in ~/.mozilla/firefox/<some-random-string>.default/history.dat , similarly, for icedove, and system log, in /var/log.
    Please don't forget to note if Iceweasel and Icedove freeze on a particular site or moment.
    Someone will hopefully write to you more about solving your problem.
    So please monitor when the two becomes zombie.
    Someone must also have had the same problem, and maybe the solution is already present in the forum.

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    I hope you will forgive my typos. (1) but they can reset it... better: he can only reset it but can't take a peek into what is your private data. (2) when the two becomes zombie... Rectification: when the two become zombies

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    Thanks you rajibando

    1- I am never "offensed" by replies which help me in learning Linux/knoppix.

    2- I use essentially live_knoppix (dvd or bootfrom_iso) because that is more sure for me.

    3- Besides I do not have good understanding / writing English language.So my posts are not very clear. Also I have had a look on the forum before posting.

    4- I am (stand) a very newbie in Linux. Althoug using (not intensively knoppix since the french kaella_3.2 based on the knoppix version 5.

    5- I have to learn (alone) much enough the exact role of the basic folders (etc,var, ...) in order to make my posts more understable and to prevent "bad posting".

    6- The problem submitted in my post arrived once only when using a "boot_iso". So perhaps it will not arrive "regularly". I was only curious to understand the probable reason why "the system_killing_process" does not "kill".

    7- I shall study your ideas as soon as possible. Thanks you very much


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    Dear knp, you have not elaborated how are you killing your applications? I stick to knoppix 7.2.0, I don't seem to have a system_killing_process. And it appears that I won't be in a position to help you because you use something based on Knoppix and not Knoppix. I would rather that you elaborate your steps with a snapshot.

    Language translation should be not a big deal, you write in French and let Google Translate translate it to English. It is not perfect, but works.

    Killing an app is very easy from the CLI. For that you need to understand codes.

    I hope a senior member helps you.

    There are these things to learn (not immediately, of course, but gradually, according to your time and patience):
    (1) How to run commands in CLI, and this is available in man pages, which is technical and difficult to understand for a lay user, but follows a structure accepted throughout the short history of computers. Anyway, you decide. Go to /usr/share/man and see the list of man pages. Whatever you have there, without the extension name, can be read with command "man name", e.g., "man man" for knowing about man pages, man gedit for reading about gedit, etc.
    (2) Bash scripting tutorials would help you understand how to use commands together. You choose whichever you can understand. Search in the net for bash tutorials.
    (3) read these wikis, when you find time. They will help.
    (4), one of which would definitely help you, depending on your level of computing awareness.
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    Killing in 7.2 go menu>System Tools>(the 1st) System Monitor

    Hi rajibando

    Thanks you

    1- In Knoppix_7.2 to kill a process I use: menu > System Tools > (the 1st)
    System Monitor I have 2 "System Monitor" .
    I choose the first one.

    2- I use no more Kaella which was a french translation of a Knoppix_5. I
    quoted it only to tell you that I have already used knoppix which my
    favorite OS because of the complete tools offerde "pretty to use". Also
    using DVD enable me to avoid viruses and so on long I hope. But I am
    not so conversant that you say. Even I don't know the meaning of "CLI"
    which you speak about! I suppose: "Command Line I?=Instructions?"
    Indeed I have to work much more.

    3- Learning Linux is very difficult without much time. "Man" is certainly a good
    tool but too technical for a beginner. Thanks you for the references given in
    your post

    4- I try to avoid Goog... as long as possible. perhaps a kind of "parano´d
    reflex" ? (Naturally one may tell me to NEVER go on the web!...). I try to
    use some webrowser_search told to be more "confident" like IXQUICK_etc..
    and DuckDuckGo.

    I hope that I have understood your very kind and fast

    Thanks you again and best regards

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    So I guessed right, you were using the System Monitor. There are two because one is from Gnome, the other is from KDE. Both have different purpose and are a little different from each other. KDE-one gives you more control.
    To kill a system process sometime you have to be root. Ordinary user-level control won't do.
    You are absolutely right in principle about CLI.
    su is used to be root in a terminal. ksysguard is the KDE-one
    You could use it, or use "kill -9" with su. For that you need the PID. Search anywhere, not necessarily Google. You will get answers.
    I don't like to offer everything on a platter. I would then be robbing you of the pleasure of self-discovery. I have given you enough hint.
    And you are welcome!

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    Hi rajibando
    Thanks you
    Your "links" are a mine" and might be on the top of the forum "for beginners".
    I had not read them before my reply
    They will suffice to me for the moment.
    Best regards
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    ZOMBIE iceweasel and icedove simultaneously !

    Hi all

    Monday, 06-04-2018

    This is a TOO LATE "relatively simple solution" to the problem encountered.

    One has only to have saved safely before any work the following

    files somewhere (on hdd or usb etc..) essentially the 3 first ones:

    1- .mozilla

    2- .mozilla-thunderbird

    3- .icedove

    4- Every other ".FILE" if eventually "broken"

    (for exemple: (.adobe etc)

    This method has been useful to me WITHOUT


    Best regards

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