I'm running a very stripped down(as in, I'd be doing a lot of stripping even if the CD version still existed) harddrive install of Adriane Knoppix based on 7.4.2. My sources.list consists solely of Debian Testing Main and a commented out Knoppix repository, and with a few exceptions, I have replaced package versions sourced from the Knoppix repository with versions sourced from Debian. I try to keep my system up-to-date via Aptitude, but the latest versions of udev and libudev are causing problems. They install just fine, and everything seems to work just fine until I reboot. Being functionally blind and the screen reader built-in to Adriane not loading until the Adriane menu loads, I don't know where in the boot process the problem occurs, but after updating udev and rebooting, my system never gets to the point of loading the screenreader. If anyone knows what might be causing the problem, the location of a log file that might record the error message, or a way to fix the problem, it would be greatly appreciated.