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Thread: Moving/home to a separate partition.

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    Moving/home to a separate partition.

    Got a new laptop recently and have formatted the 500 GB hard drive as follows: sda1: 2GB Swap. sda2: 16gb, reiserFS, installed Knoppix on it. sda3 the rest, also reiserFs. One feature I missfrom Vanilla Debian was how easy it was to set-up separate root and home partitions, and while simply having sda3 allows me to actually use my internal hardd rive for media storage without needless bloating partimage back-ups of my knoppix install, I would like the seamlessness of making sda3 my home partition. Anyone know how I would go about moving /home over to sda3 and having it automount at /home everytime I boot?

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    Okay, did some research and best I can tell, all I should need to do is move the contents of /home to /dev/sda3 and add an appropriate line in /etc/fstab for /dev/sda3. I've done this, and it mostly works, except with one hang-up: /dev/sda3 isn't mounting automatically at boot. Upon a fresh boot, /home is empty and the terminal acts like / is my home directory(it even links ~ to /). Running sudo mount -a mounts /dev/sda3 at /home and after exiting to the Adriane menu and returning to the shell, everything works just fine. here is the relevant line from my /etc/fstab: /dev/sda3 /home reiserfs defaults,auto 0 0 My fstab otherwise remains unaltered from the knoppix default. Any ideas as to what's wrong?

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    Hi Jeffery Mewtamer,

    at the end of configuring Knoppix the commands inside the file /mnt-system/$knoppix_dir/ are executed if it exists.

    If you have got an HDD install of Knoppix the directory /mnt-system does not exist. You could simulate its existence by creating a link to your root directory on /dev/sda2.
    cd /
    sudo ln -s . mnt-system
    Then you could create a file /KNOPPIX/ containing the command
    mount -t reiserfs /dev/sda3 /home
    After reboot the home directory of the user knoppix should be in the right place.


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