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Thread: Knoppix Security Issue?

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    Knoppix Security Issue?

    Knoppix Security Issue?

    I was typing in a forum with some rather threatening individuals and received this reply.

    "<snip> Never heard of +Gary Smith No Zero else for your type Gary!!!
    Gary SmithYesterday <snip> PM"

    Like a dummy I clicked on the 11:11 which is underscored and it began chiming a sound from what any might think Knoppix. Firewall was turned on. Any clues what may have been the case in this situation? I won't do that again.

    Another poster replied, "<snip> ..Yep!! Thanks Greg,.. Yesterday 4 o'clock is that correct??"

    So, you see this reference to yesterday has me concerned. Should this have meant "tomorrow" instead?

    Curious, Gary

    2 URLs of plus.googlecom and 1 of youtube deleted by mod
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    No! It isn't a "Knoppix Security Issue" if you see "" or "youtube" after using the links within obscure websites.

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