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Thread: Subject V6.7.0 - Bluetooth sound?

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    Subject V6.7.0 - Bluetooth sound?

    Does anyone here know if Bluetooth speakers are supported on the Knoppix V6.7.0CD? I was able to find the setup wizard through the menu preferences -> Bluetooth -> set up new device. From there I was able to pair-up the speaker with my computer. The device shows up on the menu as "vivitar speaker". Using the Bluetooth GUI I can connect and discontinued the speaker from the computer, as I do the speaker creates the appropriate tone and flashing light to indicate when it is connected and dis-connected from the computer.

    My problem is that the ALSA system does not seam to recognize the Bluetooth speaker. I tried to use the curses program alsamixer to set the volume of the speaker, but when I used f6 to select sound card, there was no entry for the new speaker, just an entry for the built-in sound card. I also tried "aplay -l and the Bluetooth speaker was not on the list.

    PS. I have Knoppix 7, but my backup computer is not powerful enough to run 7, even when the 3D effects are turned off. Knoppix V7 will boot, but it runs hair-pulling-ly slow.

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    My problem is that the ALSA system does not seam to recognize the Bluetooth speaker.
    I think you will need a kernel module snd-bt-sco, but I never tried this myself.
    I would suggest that you do a internet search for 'ALSA' and 'snd-bt-sco'.
    If you have to compile a new kernel module you will most probably need the appropriate include files for you kernel because it seems the Knoppix 6.7 CD does not include them. If kernel version 3.0.4 is the right one you could download the package from http://debian-knoppix.alioth.debian....-source-3.0.4/ and install it with dpkg.

    I hope that helps.

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