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Thread: How do you enable flashplayer plugin support in chromium?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albretch View Post
    chrome://version/Chromium: 37.0.2062.120 (Developer Build 281580) Built on Debian jessie/sid, running on Debian 7.6OS:
    The OP is running Chromium 37. Don't reckon the newer version of Chromium can utilise the NPAPI-based flash player plugin for playback any more. While using the mentioned version of Chromium to test the flash plugin from ChromeOS, I have also tried out the suggested path (/usr/lib/chromium and /usr/lib/chromium/plugins) for the Adobe branded player, and cannot get it worked as well. So far, the only way I can make Chromium pick up the Adobe player is to set the path to via the /etc/chromium/default file, but the video clip won't play as the imported plugin is NPAPI-based. I have used Chromium only on a handful of occasions, so I would have probably missed quite a few things here...

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    Thank you superman, I will check it as soon as I can, which knoppix version are you using?

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    @joselb I used the stock Chromium shipped with KNOPPIX 7.4.2 to test the Adobe flash plugin.

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    I will check it tomorrow in the afternoon with chromium, I can't do it sooner because I only use Firefox and Tor browser. Anyway, what I also do and mostly is to download Firefox browser (also Tor browser), extract the file/es in my /home/knoppix directory and then create a link in my Desktop. It works very well and I always use the most recent flash version, even knowing all the problems I could find using flashplayer.

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    I did it in chromium just now ( inside /usr/lib/chromium/plugins/ ) and it works. Maybe you can't make it work because you did it differently before, I don't know.

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    @joselb Thanks for the confirmation. I also have no idea where I have missed since the installation process of Adobe flash player (V11.2) is merely a copy-paste action. Probably my linux skills suck more than a little bit... BTW, I wonder if your Chromium 37 could play the sample DRM-protected video clip hosted on the Adobe's website without the presence of any HAL related packages.

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    1.- Download 32 bits tar.gz for Linux in Adobe flashplayer website.
    2.- Extract in graphic mode the tar.gz file, you will get some different files, delete all except and place it in the Desktop
    3.- Open a root terminal (inside Knoppix menu). And type: cd /usr/lib/chromium/plugins
    4.- Then type: mv /home/knoppix/Desktop/ .
    5.- Done

    I went to adobe flashplayer website and I could see the clouds moving (telling me that flash was correctly installed)

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    @joselb Thanks for the step-by-step guide. After following your guide to install Adobe Flash Player (V11.2) on an untouched KNOPPIX 7.4.2 running in Live Mode, I still cannot get the ball rolling, nor can the plugin be recognised by the testing tool on Adobe's website. In addition, from most of the info I gathered from a few forums, Chromium 34 and upwards can only take Pepper Flash Player for playback. So I don't know how you have nailed it...

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    Maybe my wife is using an old knoppix, not 7.4.2. I will check chrome version too.

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    Yes, she is using knoppix 7.0 and chrome version is 22.0.1229.94 I will try with knoppix 7.4.2, I think I installed in some pendrive...

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