Hello, folks:

As the long-awaited KNOPPIX 7.6 has just been released in mid-November, I'm thinking of getting my hands on the latest release and see if it's still possible to downgrade the MESA package and its dependent packages during the upcoming holiday season. While crawling through the dpkg list of KNOPPIX 7.6 (DVD flavour), I have just come to realise that the SYSLINUX and its related packages have been re-compiled and held at version 4:6.03+dfsg11+knoppix0. At the moment, the source of the particular version of SYSLINUX hasn't been uploaded to KNOPPIX's own repository, I wonder if anyone has the intel on what amendments have been made as compared to version 3:6.03+dfsg11 hosted on Debian's respository. Besides, I would be grateful if any kind soul can share the list of files on the ISO image of KNOPPIX 7.6, so that I can have a rough idea if it's doable to run mixed versions of SYSLINUX (2:4.05+dfsg-6+deb7u1 and 4:6.03+dfsg11+knoppix0) just for the time being. Many thanks!