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Thread: When does config not include screen size?

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    When does config not include screen size?

    When my brother was describing his Tesla to me one of the this he told me about it is that is remembers the seat position, screen layout, etc depending on his key, or his wife's, being inserted.
    Yet Knoppix does not remember the cheat codes entered when you save it's config. When you save a systems configuration, it must include things like screen preference, time zone, etc, i.e. things that are set on Knoppix via cheat codes.
    I use a cd formatted usb, i.e. no changes, for system testing, etc (my tool bag contains versions 3.?, 5.1.1, 7.2 and latest).
    I would like to use a similar usb, but with my preferred screen resolution, time zone and a few browser bookmarked sites, for banking - and i would prefer that usb to be "cd" formatted too for security. Why can't i create a read only usb, after i've saved some bookmarks, that remembers my preferred screen settings & tz?
    It's ok if it can't remember my seat settings.
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