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Thread: Is this possible?, how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capricorny View Post
    You should look at posting from user utu...
    Capricorny refers to this, I think:
    I still use this method, only now I define a similar function in ~/.bashrc,
    rather than /etc/profile.

    Since Knoppix 7.6.1 initially comes with both KNOPPIX and KNOPPIX1 cloops,
    my current unique cloop compacted addition is KNOPPIX2.
    I generally don't require more than one additional cloop to capture all
    my unique stuff. My KNOPPIX2 is about half the size of Klaus K's KNOPPIX1,
    for example.

    Operating this way protects me from over-writing that
    persistence material which I have converted to cloop form. It does not
    protect me from overwriting new persistence material in read-write
    reiserfs form.

    There still remains an ever-present danger of spoiling by filesystem
    corruption, either or both KNOPPIX partitions by inadvertently
    removing the LiveUSB without an orderly shut-down. I have no
    solution for that and have never been able to resurrect and correct
    a filesystem corrupted by improper shutdown.

    Re-mastering is conceptually purer, certainly produces a smaller
    final cloop collection of material, but requires about twice the
    amount of space in which to perform the compaction, and much more
    time in which to do what needs to be done. Re-mastering does not
    solve the improper shutdown hazard either, unfortunately.

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    Thank you both. I will read your thread utu

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    What I finally did was only to copy KNOPPIX to my hard disk (knoppix tohd=/dev/sda2), it copies all my settings from the pen drive in the hard disk (even persistence). So, in my pen drive I keep all my settings and Knoppix saved but I am not using it anymore, I only need to boot with my pen drive and when I type the persistence password I can remove the pen drive and use KNOPPIX from my hard disk, without the pen drive plugged. When i boot with the pen drive knoppix automatically boots from the hard disk, founding Knoppix in there. If some day I get some problems in this configuration I only need to delete KNOPPIX folder in my hard disk and again from the pen drive: knoppix tohd=/dev/sda2, but from time to time I will update my pen drive booting as: knoppix fromhd=/dev/sdb1

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    That's a simple way of a Poor Man's Install. You could edit the booting config file to include the parameter alternatives for simpler typing. You could also use more than one Knoppix install on the HD, for example if you want to experiment with different alternatives and don't want to ruin the main working version while experimenting.

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    Yes, I changed some parameters to boot. About more than 1 knoppix on the hd, do you mean to change the name KNOPPIX to the folder and if something changes then delete the previous folder and use this one changing the name to KNOPPIX to boot?. As I said, knoppix boots automatically from the hd (searching first in it, not in the pendrive).

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    I _think_ something like this should work for customizing boot, YMMV

    If you use syslinux boot, you can edit boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg, and eventually add more alternatives to suit your needs
    The stanza for booting the 64-bits kernel in 7.6.1 is

    LABEL knoppix64
    KERNEL linux64
    APPEND lang=en apm=power-off initrd=minirt.gz nomce libata.force=noncq hpsa.hpsa_allow_any=1 loglevel=1
    Here you may add another entry, for example if you have KNOPPIX in a directory KNOPPIX761_0 on /dev/sda1 - using knoppi65-0p at the boot prompt:

    LABEL knoppix64-0p
    KERNEL linux64
    APPEND lang=en apm=power-off initrd=minirt.gz fromhd=/dev/sda1 nosound knoppix_dir=KNOPPIX761_0 nomce libata.force=noncq hpsa.hpsa_allow_any=1 loglevel=1
    And the same without persistent image

    LABEL knoppix64-0
    KERNEL linux64
    APPEND lang=en apm=power-off initrd=minirt.gz fromhd=/dev/sda1 noimage nosound  knoppix_dir=KNOPPIX761_0 nomce libata.force=noncq hpsa.hpsa_allow_any=1  loglevel=1
    I haven't used syslinux for a long time, so there may be some errors here, but you get the idea. I have a version number on the KNOPPIX directories, as there may be several remasterings of a release on the same partition. Furthermore, you may want to patch minirt.gz, for example going over to squashfs instead of cloop. Then you save it under another name, and use that for the initrd boot parameter. Same if you change the kernel.

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    Thank you! I have never used syslinux.cfg in that way and now I am wondering why... I will test it asap.

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    I should add that syslinux isn't limited to booting Knoppix, even if it comes up with Knoppix screen. I just copied kernel and initrd for Debian 8.3 into the syslinux directory, added entry for Debian 8.3, and placed the compressed and persistent images in right places. No problem multi-booting Debian 8.3 and Knoppix. For more routine multiboot use, I prefer legacy grub, though.

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