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Thread: Run cups-config with the latest Firefox rather than native Iceweasel

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    Run cups-config with the latest Firefox rather than native Iceweasel

    Good morning, Mr. Schultz! Hello, friends!
    I apologise for my long absence from the forum.
    I want to run cupsconfig (for the newer members, start->knoppix->Printer Configuration ) with the latest standalone firefox rather than the older version of iceweasel. I read the script of cupsconfig
    The link for "printer configuration" icon points to user/bin/cupsconfig.
    I read the file cupsconfig. Links to either x-www-browser or www-browser. The two linked files are links themselves. They lead further to /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser or www-browser.
    I have changed the start->preferences-> preferred applications with the browser as Firefox as a user. Didn't help.
    While the x-www-browser opens a terminal-based application, the other one tries to open the sytem's default browser Iceweasel. Since firefox is already running iceweasel can't run.
    Now, I could change the exec script in cupsconfig.
    I would rather want to implement the code for system-wide configuration. I could do sudo libfm-pref-apps. Actually, I have done it with success.
    But what is the best way to do it?
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