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    7.7 status

    Bought April 2016 LinuxPro Magazine with Knoppix 7.7 LiveDVD.
    Available at Barnes & Noble here on April 2, 2016.
    Newsstand price is $12.99US plus local tax.

    Magazine notes some listed 7.7 features are 'for DVD-only version only'.
    --maybe there's still some hope for a CD-version.

    Called-up Synaptic & did reload; noted alioth 'unsigned' warning;
    libc6 2.21-7 24Jan16 installed; 2.22-5 29Mar16 now available.

    Uname -a says 64-bit kernel is 4.4.0.

    dmesg | grep fail lists four instances; two sytemd-udevd alsactl-related,
    two systemd-logid service-start-related.
    No dmesg instances related to keywords warn, error or corrupt.

    knoppix.version lists 2016-02-05 release date for 7.7.0.
    df -kTh shows KNOPPIX 7.7 made up of 3 cloops.
    Takes 34 seconds to boot to browser-on-line, 15 seconds to shut-down.

    My changes so far amount to a 60Mb cloop when compacted.

    Yet to do
    Haven't found evidence for bfq yet.
    Having trouble making firefox autostart.
    Otherwise uneventful new LiveUSB install on 8Gb cruzer wih 2 Gb reiser persistence.
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