I used the USB installation of Knoppix 7.6.1 for a while with great success and decided to Install this version on HD.from the Live DVD. I used "KNOPPIX HD Install" as offered in the menu.
All went well and smooth. Right now I'm struggling with two minor issues:
1) On the top of the screen I have a taskbar/panel or the like, with no reaction to
mouse clicks. See attachment "Quasi taskbar"
2) I have no access to other partitions. Using the PCMamFile manager or dolphin.
When trying to mount a partition with either NTSF or ext3,4 file systems on it, I get the message: Not authorized to perform operation.See attachment "NotAuthorized"

I appreciate any response, help, solution...

PS.: I was not able to figure out how to attach the screenshots...?
Why am I not allowed to...?