there actually is a way to boot from an iso knoppix image which is mounted read-only (ro), namely: using the "forensic" startup option. You would, say, startup with the one liner:
boot: knoppix64 no3d init 2 forensic bootfrom="/dev/sd"
then on init 2 you go:
mount | grep sd
to get:
/dev/sd on /mnt-iso type ext4 (ro,relatime,block_validity,delalloc,barrier,user_ xattr,acl)
The problem with the "forensic" option is that then all other partitions are mounted write-protected, read-only. Or, how do you work around this? There should be a "bootrofrom= ..." option for those of us who want to make sure the knoppix baseline is not being altered and want to be able to easily check if that is the case. On init 2 you could always edit /etc/passwd in order to create and change user directories Since the Internet has become such a promiscuous environment in which "Russian hackers" are constantly messing for fun and profit every connected device, introducing such a startup option would be great. I don’t believe at all in antivirus software It shouldn’t be that hard. Probably just including menuentries in the grub2 loader? What may I be missing? lbrtchx