Knop_7.4.2 Folders or Partitions becoming Read_Only by themselves


Does someone explains why and how some folders or partitions occur

to become "Read_Only" BY THEMSELVES ?

1- Once this happened after a libreOffice error.

I had to save all documents and initialize the partition (ReiserFS).

2- Recently one folder (only one I remarked!) became "Read_Only".

Impossible to make it "Writable" again BY ANY MEANS!

So I tried, using GParted,to "shorten one ReiserPartition" and "enlarge"

another one ReiserPartition.

These operations took so much time that I had to interrupt them.

Intrigated by this strange behaviour I looked again integrity of the disk.

Surprisingly "The bad Folder had gone out" leaving ALL GOOD on the disk.!

3- This could be an "empiric method" (with some high risks naturally)... when

no hope (after backup eventually).