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Thread: Folders or Partitions becoming Read_Only by themselves Kn7.4.2 !!

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    Folders or Partitions becoming Read_Only by themselves Kn7.4.2 !!

    Knop_7.4.2 Folders or Partitions becoming Read_Only by themselves


    Does someone explains why and how some folders or partitions occur

    to become "Read_Only" BY THEMSELVES ?

    1- Once this happened after a libreOffice error.

    I had to save all documents and initialize the partition (ReiserFS).

    2- Recently one folder (only one I remarked!) became "Read_Only".

    Impossible to make it "Writable" again BY ANY MEANS!

    So I tried, using GParted,to "shorten one ReiserPartition" and "enlarge"

    another one ReiserPartition.

    These operations took so much time that I had to interrupt them.

    Intrigated by this strange behaviour I looked again integrity of the disk.

    Surprisingly "The bad Folder had gone out" leaving ALL GOOD on the disk.!

    3- This could be an "empiric method" (with some high risks naturally)... when

    no hope (after backup eventually).



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    Problem almost solved...?

    1- Knop7.2 was concerned in place of 7.4.2. But this is not essential.

    Always I boot from iso file.

    2- FileSystem concerned (and corrected also by GParted):

    2a- NTfs..PRESENT. Ah! NTfs...not recommended for current usage b

    but occasionnally only. Despite I avoid WRITING.

    This is well known

    "CHKDSK / f" recommended as always (twice).

    Before GParted if possible.

    2b- "A 2nd ReiserFS Partition" for knoppix installed on an USB_HDD.

    This makes folders rigths access too strong when saving files.

    To avoid such my problems it is worthwhile:

    ---2b1 to save files AND change ALL Rights to the LEAST way...Or

    ---2b2 to save files first on the associated "Fat Knoppix.img" which

    allows AUTOMATICALLY the least RIGTHS. This avoid forgetting

    in 2b1).

    Naturally these methods break some security problem.

    But Mr K.KNOPPER doing this automatically on the "knoppix.img" (boot-iso)

    I may suppose it is not a great danger....Perhaps Viruses?

    Thanks for all eventual remarks and advertisings

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