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Thread: Knoppix 7.7.1 flash-knoppix

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    Knoppix 7.7.1 flash-knoppix

    I'm using KNOPPIX_V7.7.1DVD-2016-10-22-EN.
    I boot using the DVD and run Install KNOPPIX to flash disk.
    When I try to boot from the USB all I get is a blinking cursor...
    I have a Active@Boot USB that works in the computer I'm using.
    I do notice that my boot menu shows the Knoppix USB as 'USB-ZIP0 : SanDisk' under the 'Removable' section of the menu.
    When I boot from my Active@Boot USB the boot menu show it as 'USB-HHD0 : USB DISK' under the 'Hard Disk' section of the menu.

    Any help would be appreciated... where do I start to make this work

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    Quote Originally Posted by philo View Post
    Thanks for the reply... I did check all the BIOS settings but, after using the same USB on some other computers, it seems to be something unique to the way some BIOS's treat the device descriptor.
    I'm puzzled why one machine will see it as USB-ZIP0 and others as USB-HHD0. I'm going to look at the disk type byte(s) and see what (if any) difference there is between the boot-able USB created by Active@Boot and the one created by flash-knoppix. Can anyone point me to where the disk type byte(s) may (or what they should) be?
    Another thing I'm going to do is create the USB on a machine that does see it as USB-HDD0...

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