Hi altogether

1- I am using knop_V7.2 which I like very much (ISO_booting). But it may concern
other versions

2- When reconnecting after sleeping my session it is impossible to reconnect the
Network. How can I do along with the supposed "same session" ?

3- Moreover the PC blocks entirely after a LONG automatic PAUSE.

4- When disconnecting properly V7.2 proposes six BUTTONS:
. 1 for Stopping defintily -- 1 for Rebooting -- 1 for leaving the "Session"
1 to "Annihilate" -- 1 for "HIBERNTING=? No real Action -- 1 to "SUSPEND"
( with the NetWork lost after reconnecting the session).

5- I post here also because I think that the "Networking Forum" is out of working

Can somebody explain me the role of the "Hibernate button" ? ...
AND how to RETRIEVE the Netwok after "suspending the session"?