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Thread: Integrating Werner P. Schulz script in KNOPPIX

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    Integrating Werner P. Schulz script in KNOPPIX

    I have used the remaster tool of Mr Schulz and created my version of KNOPPIX by removing and installing the software I wanted. I used a VM and it worked flawlessly. Thanks Mr Schulz.

    I wrote to Mr Schulz personally lately asking him about certain technical details on the remaster script but got no reply. Any news anyone?

    Am asking since he is the only maintainer of the script it seems and personally I think it would be nice to have it integrated (with permission) in a KNOPPIX ISO by default to be then maintained and upgraded with every new KNOPPIX version... what do you think?

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    I am also wondering about Mr Schulz, Mr Kuhmann, Mr Utu and
    other administrators...

    Perhaps I shall not be able to reconnect for a long
    time ago.

    So excuse me if I shall not be able to follow all of your

    Good luck

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