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Thread: How to correct registry errors without removing the Persistent files?

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    How to correct registry errors without removing the Persistent files?

    For a long time, I have not visited the Knoppix forum, as I am very busy writing my book. I also relaxed with the positive fate of Knoppix and the forum. I was certain that the forum shall continue to do well and prosper because of the joining of a few new members who were very competent. More competent than I am

    I use Knoppix Image 7.2.0 with LibreOffice version Id. 400m0(Build:3)) I use this persistently, with an entire hard drive and not an raiserfs filesystem within the partitionn.

    I have added a few packages over time to enhance functionality and customisation. I don't need to change this version as this version is perfect for me. I know if I remove the persistent files in the HDD and reboot the Knoppix fresh, the problems will go away.

    Unfortunately, so will my system-wide settings.

    Of late, I get this registry error when I click to open LibreOffice.

    When I read and click Okay, it closes.

    The problem is that everything came with the knoppix ISO image and there is no additional Installation CD.

    The program cannot be started.
    The service manager is not available.
    ("spurious end tag in file:///home/knoppix/.config/libreoffice/4/user/uno_packages/cache/registry/ stryBackend/common_.rdb")
    Start setup application to repair the installation from CD, or the folder containing the installation packages.
    I have tried with renaming the common_.rdb file. I also tried copying the said file from my desktop to my laptop, but then the application doesn't start at all.

    What else to do?

    Shall I replace the Knoppix Image extracted from the ISO and copied to the HDD? Is it necessary? The entire system is doing fine!
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