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Thread: 7.2.0 stored video config across boots earlier, now doesn't

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    Smile 7.2.0 stored video config across boots earlier, now doesn't

    My Desktop Knoppix has to configure the system for Samsung SyncMaster 1360X768. Used Nvidia for x86 version 304.125 to set my monitor way back. It remained set that way.

    Recently, I thought that I should use my AMD's 64-bit operation rather than the Intel's 32bit. I downloaded the corresponding driver for x86-64. But doesn't get installed. Perhaps because Knoppix only addresses x86-64bit for intel processors. I had forgotten that it doesn't address the AMD processors.

    But because of this fiddling with my system, another problem crept up. To use the monitor I have to reinstall the driver upon every boot. Knoppix overwrites the drivers as well, not only the xorg.conf, upon subsequent boots and falls back on partial screen default even with vga=792 cheatcode.

    There is a line in /etc/X11/xorg.conf :
    # Created by KNOPPIX # Delete this line if you don't want KNOPPIX to overwrite your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    It is also written that:
    # Monitor section auto-generated by KNOPPIX mlxprgconfig
    I have deleted the lines from xorg.conf but knoppix still overwrites the nvidia setup files. I had followed some other steps during the first set up, but did not write it down. So I can't use them now. I also searched the knoppix forum, but similar threads don't come to my notice.

    I have kept a back-up of my xorg.conf file as xorg.conf.rajiabando . When the full screen didn't activate during the subsequent boots, I have at init 3, used pico and copied the back-up as xorg.conf, but this simple task doesn't help. Knoppix is also overwriting some of the nvidia files.

    Why didn't it do so earlier, because of which I continued to have my full screen displays across all the subsequent boots?
    Why it isn't returning the full screens now?

    These are the questions upon which I am tearing my hair. [Don't worry, I can't, because I regularly have my hair cropped with my shaver ]

    Generally, I have notes of all my systems settings with me. This omission appears to be one of those idiotic decisions I have taken without thinking properly.

    Could I please be helped?
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