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    Knoppix uses the following to have the Start menu and sub-menus populated:
    I have Iceweasel entry there as:
    ?package(iceweasel):needs="x11" section="Applications/Network/Web Browsing" \
            title="Iceweasel" \
            longtitle="Iceweasel Web Browser" \
            icon="/usr/share/pixmaps/iceweasel.xpm" \
    But the
    Start Menu→Internet →Iceweasel
    has 'i' in capital. It is therefore not drawing from the entry in
    While if right clicked on Iceweasel and then the
    option clicked, the entries are:
    Name: Iceweasel
    Command: nice -n 19 -- ionice -n 7 -t -- iceweasel %u
    Tooltip: Browse the World Wide Web
    I have been using Firefox standalone for a long time now, but have this issue of using Firefox as a sub-menu entry.
    From where is this Menu-Entry drawing its sub-entries, could I be guided?
    There is a README file in the /etc/menu and another in /etc/menu-methods which seek to provide some guidance, but fail.
    The first says:
    In this directory, the system administrator can install menufiles to
    override the menu files provided by Debian in /usr/lib/menu, /usr/share/menu
    and /usr/share/menu/default.

    The filename should be the name of the package that it is overriding,
    and may contain as many lines and menu entries as necessary.

    Please run 'update-menus' after changing or adding files.

    For more info, please read /usr/share/doc/menu/html.
    Thank you in advance.
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