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Thread: HowTo write rewrite the MRB using knoppix?

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    HowTo write rewrite the MRB using knoppix?

    Problem is: I HD-installed knoppix/debian (running fine) and then some day my windows crashed and had to be reinstalled.
    An of course it erased lilo and now I cannot access my knoppix/debian anymore. I tried to reinstall lilo, using the knoppix CD but no luck yet, it just doesn´t let me write the MBR even as root...
    Any hints?

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    Have a look at this post

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    Other ideas you might try:

    1) See if you can install LILO to a floppy to get you started (good idea to have a boot floppy anyways)

    2) Boot to Windows and download LOADLIN.exe (have to search the net for it). After familiarizing yourself with it, use your Knoppix CD to copy your kernel image to your Windows disk. You should then be able to get to Linux from Windows.

    Once you are back in your hard drive Linux installation, you can then run /sbin/lilo and it should re-write itself and all will be well.

    Hope this helps,


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