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Thread: new Knoppix 8.2 - no3d fails

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    new Knoppix 8.2 - no3d fails

    The new Knoppix 8.2 on works well, if you do not use the cheatcode no3d.

    Booting it with knoppix no3d fails to start X.

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    Confirmed. This is tragic since without no3d knoppix is unusable.

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    I think that's no so tragic

    In previous versions one could disable "compiz effects".

    NB: I am a newbie!!


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    Just upgrade the actual graphics modules, roll the modified system into a "new" Knoppix with the remaster option from flash-Knoppix, and you can boot with knoppix no3d. Worked for me in both 8.2 and 8.3.

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