I have been mostly using knoppix and Debian live for business and for fun for the past 2 decades or so. That is probably why there are aspects of each which I selectively prefer.

I know that may run into conflicts with the protagonism of some, but technically there isn't really any harm to it. I have fancied a knoppix-like blend of Debian live with all the startup cheat codes that knoppix uses and more, such as configurable multi-seat options at start up.

knoppix has been moving more and more towards the Debian main course. What would be easier, to totally Debianize knoppix or to knoppify Debian?

If you were to start working on including knoppix' startup cheat codes in Debian where should you start? I know those are options passed into the Linux kernel at start up, but are those options standard of do knoppix developers mess with the kernel a bit to do their magic.

Debian folks don't see to be that friendly to RFE?