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Thread: SUGGESTION against "Live Crashes" ????

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    SUGGESTION against "Live Crashes" ????

    Hi all

    Especially to the Knoppix_Developpers,

    "Sure" all is possible by informaticians from a newbie's point of view!!!!

    Nevertheless I would like to make a suggestion.

    1- Knoppix is more recommended for a CD_DVD work.

    2- Working on RAM may loose long work after a crash.

    3- My suggestion is:

    To create a fast recuperation method "on the live" -

    For example a kind of TempFolder (and TempFile?) to CHOOSE at the


    The TemFile staying in the RAM is lost by a crash.

    In Old versions of knoppix one could "choose SwapFolders"...

    b- Then to create a kind of "PATCH" working for ALL versions if possible...!!!

    You were advertized if you find too absurd such a suggestion!

    Thanks for "ligths"

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