I don't know what's going on exactly, but I've been getting flash drive corruption when booting with UEFI on my HP EliteDesk 800 G1.

I boot with the Knoppix 8.2 DVD, install to flash drive with fat32 and a persistent image file and reboot.

In the bios startup boot menu (F9 on the HP) I get two selections for my flash drive boot, the same drive listed in two locations: one in UEFI and the other in Legacy mode.

I thought, oh it will boot into UEFI mode, let's try it!

It seems like every time I've tried a UEFI boot it will clobber my flash drive, overwriting the first sectors of the flash drive and in general corrupting it.

I start seeing a bunch of inode errors in my dmesg log.

It's done this a couple of times now, so I'm going to see if just booting with Legacy mode will be safe.

It could be the HP system, the flash drive, or maybe booting with UEFI mode.