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Thread: Using qtparted to resize a NTFS partition

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    That's the thing, once you shrink the partition and reboot into Windows, it moves those files down. Then defrag, shrink the partition and reboot. Repeat until there is enough room.

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    You could also use ntfsresize 1.9-BETA, it doesn't need any defragmentation before resizing. It worked fine always so far also.

    However unfortunately QTParted was't updated to be compatible with this newer ntfs resizer. This might also explain why you see ntfsresize can shrink more than QTParted.

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    I really need that free space so i formatted windows, and reinstalled it again on a smaller partition. (in fact i have splittet the partition in two.) I moved linux onto the new bigger partition, did the right entries in lilo, fstab and mtab and the system booted from the new partition.
    The only problem is that linux does not load any modules now?! It said it couldn't find /proc/modules?

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