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Thread: How to copy the repertory /dev/*, can I copy nodes???

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    How to copy the repertory /dev/*, can I copy nodes???


    I am trying to build a new bootable CD with my RedHat installation on it.

    So I want to copy all my data : /usr /bin /etc ... and then add the Knoppix boot and autodetection parameters.
    Once it has been done, I want to "cloop" it an burn it on a cdrom.

    But the problem is that I can't copy my /dev directory. I can't copy the nodes with the cp command.
    How can I do to put a second /dev directory on my hard drive (in /tmp/dev per exemple) ??

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    use cp -R not cp -r the capital R ignores device nodes. That should fix your problem. I am curious how you will go about building an iso from an installed redhat system. Do you have detailed instructions on how to do this? If so could you please reply to this post and let me know how you did it, if not could you please point me in the right direction, IE docs that could help me unserstand how this is done. Thanks

    my email is

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    hello ignuu,

    Thank you for the information I'll try it this evening

    I don't have any information on the way to procede to perform an RedHat installation on a CD like Knoppix.
    But I want to try it in order to learn more about the way that linux takes when it boot.
    The only informations I get now is the documentation available on the Knoppix cd (pdf files) + infos about how to compress files with the cloop utilitie that I compiled an launched on my PC (//

    I hope I will be able to adapt the autoconfiguration files used on Knoppix for my redhat distribution.
    If it works (with the help of God....) I'll tell it to you, but nothing I think that it is a long work....

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