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Thread: Diagnostic on Hardwaredetection available?

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    Diagnostic on Hardwaredetection available?


    I use Knoppix on my Laptop and I am very pleased with it. But recently a co-worker wanted to run it on a similar Laptop and it hangs in the hardware detection. Is there a way to tell where it hangs? Booting in (almost) no hardware detection also hangs, as well as the expert mode. We also tried to run the Red Hat 9 Install on his PC, buut it also hangs at loading the ohci1394 driver. Is there a way to tell that Knoppix has the same problem? If the ohci1394 really is the problem, is there a way to prevent its loading?


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    Boot like this:

    boot: knoppix nofirewire

    plus any other codes you may need.

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