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    Looking at the hard drive install,I was wondering if knx-hdinstall can be done from KDE root shell if the ISO is en?The reason I,m asking is without the fb800x600 at boot I can,t read it .

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    re: hdinstall

    This should work fine. I've done it several times. Does your question have to do with the disk being specifically and English iso? This should make no difference.

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    At boot I,m having to fb800x600 to read a thing.I need to save my display in order to install to hard drive.If it saves KDE logout at reboot,I should be fine but if it goes back to default I,ll be looking at four screen,s on top of one another for the install.I,m sure it,s my older monitor but Red Hat,Mandrake and others let me pick the monitor.

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