I've been playing around with trying to install Redhat 9 onto a fairly normal system. And really finding it to be a hassle. (Doing an NFS install)

Several cards that work great in knoppix don't seem to work at all in redhat.

1. IBM Etherjet 10/100 (Intel Pro/100B clone): Seems to load the driver after manually selecting it (doesn't autodetect) but dhcp fails and starts to get errors in the background.
2. AsanteNet 10/100 (Tulip card): Doesn't autodetect but if you manually load the driver it will see the card but then keep toggling forever between 10 and 100, never locking on.
3. 3Com 3c509B : Card detects after manually loading the driver, successful dhcp, successful mount of the nfs share, and then freezes. (The card originally had a resource conflict that caused it to not respond but it was resolved by removing the irq from the available pnp irqs)

I think redhat should take a lesson from the book of Knoppix, which never fails to pick up any supported hardware.

It's not like it can't just do a quick lspci -v and grep for the IDs and load drivers. That would be too easy.

Looks like I may just HAVE to burn a CD and install that way, but I hate having more CD's laying around.