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Thread: Copy iso to usb?

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    Copy iso to usb?

    Is it possible to copy a downloaded iso file directly to a usb drive without having to burn a dvd?

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    copy iso to usb

    hello WestCoast

    Your question is not so clear!...

    1- If you mean a simple "copy" (ie a "tranfer")

    a- you CANNOT copy on a FAT_FORMATTED a file
    longer than 4 Go (examples:knoppix_8*)

    b- you can otherwise: just copy!

    2- If you mean "installing knoppix for booting..."
    a- If your USB is a FLASH one, DVD_documentation
    says you CAN install knoppix "on the fly"
    when downloading.
    I never tested this method.
    b- If your USB is a HARD one I (and other ones)
    did not found a clear applicable method
    WITHOUT a CD_DVD burner.
    Please see the discussion at the link blow:

    I am sorry because I am not connected regularly
    and moreover I am not an expert.

    Good luck

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