Hi ,

So I got into linux and knoppix about 3 months ago and am in love. I have been able to remaster knoppix so suite my taste of packages (oh, thanks for the how-to on this site ).

So now am a little more ambitious, I want to remaster but rather replace kde with gnome. I found gnoppix on this site but its kinda useless. What I would appreciate is advice on how to get gnome to work. I have on this site under costumizations found a spanish version of gnome on cd called METADISTROS. I used it and it is lovely, its about 200Mb. I urge you try it. The problem is the language barrier.

So my problem? how do I change the language on metadistros to english. Is there anyone who is as interested in gnome on live cd as I am? how can it be done. finallly, if one wants to , how can one change the boot scripts for knoppix, that is, what files should be changed to change the boot messages and logos.

Too many questions u say? forgive me am still kinda a newbie

KDE is good but I think gnome will really put "MY-EGO-SOFT" in its place in the future.

Hola back