[please note im no guru at linux, just thought id give it a go at modifying some scripts and wolla!]

Hi ive been tinkering away with knx-hdinstall 0.38 for a while now. As it currently stands, it has menu dialogs, supports multiple partitions, IE /boot /home etc, and far as i know it works.

Unfortunately as of last night my knoppix cd stopped working . Thats wot i get for demoing on old cdroms. Anyway either it will or wont work, but i cant really tell you. It does install all the files, its just the final setting up that im unsure of, so could someone please test this out for me!

Download it from my geocities site. Its uploaded as knoppix_install.txt so when u view it just rename it to knoppix-install, and bobs your uncle!

wow just looking at fabians new knoppix-installer, damn maybe i should leave it up to you , lol. your scripts always impress me[/i]