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    How must I burn knoppix on a CD?

    I burned one with the .iso file on the CD, maked a boot floppy, but by loading he says it cant find a CD with knoppix on it. or some think like that.

    I burn it with NERO burning rom.

    What when wrong?

    Plz le tme know ASAP

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    RE: CD Help

    <snip> can't find a CD with Knoppix on it...

    Hmmm... if you were able to make a boot floppy from the CD, the system SHOULD be able to find the CD. If the CD directory can be read under Windows, and shows a directory called "Knoppix" (and not just one large file with a .ISO extension) then the CD was mastered properly.

    It's possible that a mastering glitch or fingerprint is keeping the table of contents (TOC) from being read correctly. Try making another copy and see what happens -- and/or look closely at the data surface of the "bad" CD for scratches or fingerprints. One of the drawbacks of a disc full of data is that they are harder to handle; even the slightest fingerprint will cause problems.

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    if you can boot of the cdrom

    If you can, its better to boot of the cdrom, or if you have two drives, maybe its in the wrong drive?

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