I have a win2k box that I'd love to have knoppix run in poor mans install mode from the hard drive on. (The only cdrom is a burner that I'd like access to under knoppix).

The problem is that the home directory is locked down. IE I cannot create new directories in it. Is there any way to boot (floppy or otherwise) that will
allow me to specify an alternate location for the /mnt/hda1/knoppix/knoppix file for the loopback filesystem.

Either /mnt/hda1/knoppix (ie no subdirectory) or /mnt/hda1/temp/knoppix (alternate directory) would work, but I can't figure out how to specify for it to look in any location other than a KNOPPIX directory.

Thanks for the help. (Knoppix rules... I have given away more disks now than I care to count.)