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Thread: Unable to unlock folder

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    Unable to unlock folder

    Friends: I have a USB drive which I cannot access from Windows. I tried to open it from Knoppix 5.1 but I keep getting the message "locked folder". I tried several solutions from the Internet but still unable to unlock the folder. Any ideas how I can do this? Thank you.

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    1- Why using knopix_5* ? Now somewhat very old.
    However I also use some old versions by admitting
    fewer functionnalities.

    2- Your USB_drive may be "dirty" if formated with
    "Fat_file_system" or "NTFS_file_system".
    In such a case you may execute (inside Windows)
    thecommand: chkdsk /f for "your partition letter:"
    (reboot and re-do the same again (recommended).

    3- If "knoppix_formated" I prefer execute "gParted"
    which (sometimes) correct errors on the partitions.

    4- I do not connect regularly

    Good luck

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