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Thread: Apt questions

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    Apt questions

    Though Apt(-get) is quite a good system I miss some features. Especialy automatic rollback and re-configure/install when a package fails to install.

    I've tried to install mythtv. I chose the default options in the mythtv-database package configuration, like stated in the dialog box (or how you call it). It tells that if you didn't change anything in your MySQL config you could keep the defaults. Not so in Knoppix, so it seems.

    This is not an as big of a problem as the package freenet-unstable has caused. mythtv-database only gives you a failure notice, but this package tells me I need(ed) to enter a number between 1 and 64xxx (16bit interger), when you press OK you imediately return to this screen. So I had to kill apt-get. This means I can't use apt-get anymore since it is locked, it tells me to run dpkg:
    E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.
    Which gives you the looping error message...

    Wierd thing is that I didn't enter a portnumber in freenet-unstable, the dialogbox only asked to enter your real IP#. Anybody knows where apt stores it's info, so I can fix it myself (change the config setting)?

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    dpkg --purge freenet-unstable
    dpkg --purge mythtv-database
    This resolved the isue (I hope). Removed the remaining mythtv packages via synaptic. Did a deborphan and removed libqt3-i18n too.

    apt-get works normaly again

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