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Thread: 6 partitions

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    6 partitions

    After reading the "Home Partition How To", I created 6 partitions:

    hdf1: 50M
    hdf5: 1G
    hdf6: 256M
    hdf7: 1G
    hdf8: 5G
    hdf9: 3G

    Then I installed "Knoppix" in hdf6 and hdf8.

    Afterwards I made this:

    /dev/hdf1 /boot
    /dev/hdf5 empty
    /dev/hdf6 /swap
    /dev/hdf7 /var
    /dev/hdf8 /
    /dev/hdf9 /home

    ... and modified "fstab". It worked.

    Now I'd like to have this:

    /dev/hdf5 /
    /dev/hdf8 /usr

    I tried... I made 'mv usr/*. ' in /mnt/hdf8. But I had big problems after rebooting with the floppy disk.

    Maybe the procedure is not really good.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If I'm not mistaken the knoppix-install only installs to a boot, swap, and main drive (/). Perhaps this is why it didn't work correctly. Besides, you really don't need a separate /var directory for basic desktop usage.

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