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Thread: Knoppix 8.6 new public version is finally out !

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    Knoppix 8.6 new public version is finally out !

    Finally the new public version of Knoppix 8.6 is out !
    Thank you Klaus !,
    Have fun,

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    Thanks a lot for posting!

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    Well... I don't know if you have the same problem than me, but it freezes with the message "Expanding... /dev/sdb3 partition" or something like that. And if I put the cheatcode "knoppix noimage" then it also freezes but without messages. And I tried making it from Linux with gnome-disks and then like they say in the message with "dd if=..." with the same result, It seems that this partition gives some problem to me.
    Do you know what can I do to solve it?

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    Sorry, I forgot to boot with knoppix64, now it works well. I am used to use it in my job that it's a 32 bits computer. I'll try in my job tomorrow.

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    No way... In my job is impossible to use this Knoppix version. I continue using 8.1 The only way to boot in this 32 bits machine is writing knoppix64 too!! And then some things don't work. Many bugs...

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    Seems very buggy and unstable on first look and testing. 32-bit doesn't load in some configurations or at all depending how it was put to USB ie Rufus. Even with built-in installer basically frozen at 'Past mounting /KNOPPIX', no init, No advancement after Control+D in debug mode . Other laptop is suck on expanding Knoppix stage with error about <400mb over-lay for partitions that don't exist ... 64-bit loads to desktop Ok but no sound and resuming from suspend = crash/reboot on my one of my laptops. So far seems a step back from 8.1 in the hardware support. If I find the switch or solutions it will be a while as I am busy with other problems ... But still nice to see this project going as it has always been a staple in the toolbox and it cut my teeth with coming to knowing a bit more about Linux. Thanks

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    Yes, I'm very dissapointed. All this time waiting and we receive a version with many bugs and not working as it should. It would have been easier to only update the programs from Knoppix 8.1, the kernel and nothing more. I hope that the next version will come soon and with the problems solved, but who knows... I also miss a CD version. Sometimes we only need a browser and some basic things, nothing more.

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    Hi, yeah so, sound was my problem, I was just testing on a few different laptops here, 3 actually and I didn't realize one had the a jack plugged into an amp that was turned off. Still after a days worth of testing I haven't gotten the 32-bit to boot on anything at all and I was still unable to get the resume from suspend working on the laptop that I really need suspend working on, tried all manor of quirks switches and apps and boot parameters. I've seen this a few times previously and I think it is a kernel problem and I'm sure it only effects the 64 version. Yeah the CD version was handy for small keys, putting the system to ram and still having space leftover to muck about. It's really nice when a stable build comes along. I ran the 7.2 CD version live in ram on my bedside laptop for 600 and umpteen days, 15 I think,; without a restart just by clearing the zram swap space every once-in-a-while and sure yeah I expect things not to work since it's live and I had to config some stuff like touch-pad, adding pulse-audio/manager and vlc but at that, it was solid! I relegate that laptop to the spare room with 8.1 only being used while I was exercising in there or had to test something on a spare computer and it seemed fairly stable too. I sure hope there will be an 8.6.1 release coming soon. I also couldn't see why the overlay wasn't an opt-in (option) by typing 'overlay' if you need to use it instead of being an opt-out by having to type 'noimage' when you don't currently need it. Maybe it makes sense if you create the overlay that your going to be using it, but yeah I would still think only if you want too, maybe that is me. I'll check back soon

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    I know we could remaster it, but I tried before and gave me errors too. But if someone could, please do something to convert the last DVD version to CD with the minimal programs and working with 32 bits. I'd thank him/her so much.

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    Okay, so I'm in the process of doing my usual micro remaster, tossing out KNOPPIX1 and KNOPPIX2 from /KNOPPIX since I don't need the software included in those images and changing /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg to boot in Adriane mode by default. Anyways, before I rebuild the ISO and burn it to a DVD, I was wondering, is there anyway to have both Adriane running by default and booting with the 64-bit kernel? Also, if I wanted to try slimming down my custom ISO further, what would be the recommended method of editing KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX to remove unwanted software?

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