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Thread: Several apt-get questions

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    Several apt-get questions


    I have Knoppix 06/06/03 installed on my HD.
    I promise I've read the tutorial and HOWTO, but
    still apt-get is giving me headaches. Judging
    from the amount of posts dedicated to this
    very subject on this site, it looks like I
    am in good company! Rather than flooding the
    board with different smaller questions, I
    thought I'd regroup them here.

    [1] I've been able to install small, mostly
    stand-alone packages like pdksh, aptitude, ispell
    or synaptic. But things get much more confusing
    for less trivial stuff - say anything KDE-related.
    Eg, for quanta or kscreensaver, I get either
    a notice that the package looks broken, that
    it depends on this or that which is not going to
    be installed, or that it wants to upgrade libraries
    as vital as libc6 or libstdc++5 or even seemingly
    completely unrelated subsystems. I understand this
    is probably a consequence of the bleedind-edge
    nature of this debian mutant into which Klaus has
    expertly mixed all the available released packages.
    Still, if somebody has important general guidelines
    to provide to ease upgrading, I'd be grateful to
    hear it. More specific questions follow:

    [2] other posts tell horror stories about using
    "apt-get dist-upgrade". Is "upgrade" any safer?
    Reading the manpage leaves me under the opposite
    impressin. Hmm... am I right in assuming "upgrade"
    will try to upgrade individual packages to the latest
    level available within their installed release (stable,
    testing, instable), whereas "dist-upgrade" tries to move
    everything to the default release (hence testing with
    the default knoppix apt.conf) ?

    [3] what's the safest way to upgrade to kde 3.1.3?
    Does it entail upgrading libc/libstdc++ and has it
    broken anyone's system?

    [4] what's the safest way to install gnome 2.2?
    Alongside a working KDE, that is! I remember reading
    posts by KK swearing it had become impossible to have
    both GUI frameworks working together (at least after
    the initial KDE 3.1.2 release and given the CD space
    constraints). At the lower levels they have to rely
    on system libs where it's easy to foresee conflicting

    [5] synaptic tells me it cannot open the stock sources.list
    If I replace this file with a simpler one which just
    contains non-source packages from a mirror nearby, all is
    fine. If I simply remove the commented lines from the default
    knoppix sources.list, all looks good as well - what gives?

    Of course no one is expected to have all the answers,
    so please contribute what you can. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a generic answer may help you
    You may try this analgesic for headches

    this is a live-cd very much like knoppix but after HD installation apt-get works smoothly, it is is like a miracle

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    Although I'd rather stick with knoppix, mepis looks interesting indeed.
    When used as a live cd, does it support boot-time parameters ("cheatcodes")
    to select an alternate keyboard or resolution, etc ?
    I am also intrigued by the second CD; I take it it is only useful when
    installing to disk? Does it hold plain .deb packages which could possibly
    be installed from knoppix as well?

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    kde is somewhat a problem in debian as well as knoppix, but knoppix is more complicated since it uses stable, testing, and unstable packages. If you run into apt-get problems with knoppix try this apt-get command option:

    apt-get -t unstable install package-name

    the -t option forces apt-get to only use that one repository in this case unstable

    allways do apt-get -s upgrade and apt-get -s dist-upgrade and simulate the upgrades and see what exacly will be done I usually pipe those commands to less so I can scroll through the listing. Apt-get upgrade will upgrade packages but not systgem dependencies like libraries etc. dist-upgrade upgrades everything. I just upgraded my kde 3.1.1 systems to kde 3.1.3 a couple of days ago, if I did a dist-upgrade a bunch of packages would have been removed, so I upgraded kde by itself by doing an apt-get install kdebase (or kdebase-bin) everything was OK here, but then I installed kdemultimedia and kde graphics and I ran into a problem, a file in kdemultimedia is in two packages so dpkg errors out. So I change directory to /var/cache/apt/archives and then use the following command:

    dpkg -i --force overwrite kdemultimedia-kio-plugins_4%3a3.1.3-0woody1_i386.deb

    dpkg had given me an error trying to install kdemultimedia-kio-plugins because a file was in it as well as kioslave.

    Note: you have to use the full name with dpkg, I usually use dpkg from an xterminal so I can use my mouse to cut and paste.

    HTH on a couple of your apt-get issues.


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