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Thread: Poor man's install???

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    Poor man's install???

    Hi all

    I am looking at doing a HD install of Knoppix, and I have heard about the poor mans install. My question is how do you do it in the first place.

    IE, how do I get started, I thought I found a page that had the info, but I cannot find it any more.

    Help Please


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    1.4. Run Microsoft Windows, copy Knoppix to HD & make it bootable with bootfloppy

    Also called "poormans install"

    NOTE: The partition (i.e. drive) that you are copying to (the D partition in the example below) must be a fat32 partition. If it is NTFS, the install will not boot.
    Copy the CD:\KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX file to HD:\KNOPPIX\

    E:\KNOPPIX\>mkdir D:\KNOPPIX
    1 files(s) copied
    Make the bootfloppy. Start "mkfloppy.bat" on the CD in the KNOPPIX folder.

    Boot from the floppy. It should scan for the KNOPPIX file and find it on the harddisk.

    You may search in this forum too (look top left FAQ|Search|Profile...)

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