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Thread: Knoppix Linux Distribution

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    Knoppix Linux Distribution

    Hi there folks,

    I am in need of your help.I have an assignment that needs completing in the next couple of days and one of the questions has me stumped.

    1) Explain the distingushing characteristic of the knoppix linux distribution.?

    1a)What might you use this distribution for?

    Any help would be much appreciated?

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    What've you got so far?

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    I'm not one to do the assignment for you, but i have some ideas:

    knoppix is run from a cd, so no harddrive modifications/no hard drive nessicary

    knoppix is run from a cd, so if you screw it up, reboot and your back to working

    knoppix is on a cd, you can put it into a machine with a different OS and temporarily use it, then go back to the original OS with no problems

    knoppix is a full fledged OS, so you can be all nice and GUI and surf and chat and IRC and word process. just cuase its on a CD, its not limited

    knoppix can access fat16, fat32, ntfs drives, so you can access files already on your existing harddrive (movies, mp3s, documents, password files)

    knoppix is great for recovering a computer had that problems. although you can't modify a NTFS file, you can inspect it and better know what the problem is.

    knoppix is on a CD, therefore read-only, so stuff liek NTFS support, mp3 codec, divx, xvid, etc, etc, etc are already pre-configured. and unusual, but sometiems nessicary drivers like orinoco_cs are compiled in already, making this a distro that a default redhat can't compare to (no flame please, this is an opinion)

    PS please post back a copy of what you turn in, i would really like to know how it turns out and your take on the distro

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