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Thread: Turning off magnifier

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    Turning off magnifier

    I have 8.2 and the magnifier just came on. I probably hit a wrong key. It won't go away. Is there a way to turn this off?


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    Turning off magnifier

    Hi Fendza,

    Just go to "MENU" and:
    1- Choose one the two proposed "Monior System".
    2- Choose he tab "Process"
    3- Find YOUR process and " KILL IT".

    Good luck


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    Open Compiz Settings Manager from Menu/Settings. Look for the Magnifier and open its settings by clicking on it. You will see the hotkey for start (and also for stop!): it is Super-M. So, you can kill Magnifier with this hotkey.
    But if you untick the Magnifier, it will be disabled and never starts.
    Otherwise, the Magnifier app is buggy: it starts unwanted triggered by other Compiz hotkeys.
    At finishing moving a window starts magnifier; window decoration blinks
    These are some of the reasons why I do not like Compiz.
    Openbox-LXDE is wonderful, in my opinion it would be much more appropriate for Knoppix.
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