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Thread: Dell GX260 getting more support 1-20-03

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    Dell GX260 getting more support 1-20-03

    Well the e1000.o driver now works with the onboard network card, and I've gotten X to come up. The other hardware seems to work as well, however it still has that odd issue of not booting up again after you have shutdown from knoppix. Still think it is a dell bios issue really.

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    Just got a GX260

    My new GX260 was delivered Friday at work. I've got FreeBSD 5. QNX 6.2, Win98, and WinXP arlready installed. I didn't say they were all working perfectly, but I can at least boot into those OSes. Not bad for 4 hours of work, eh?

    I'll hopefully get to Knoppix and BeOS MAX tomorrow. I'll try to note any oddities.


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