We are grateful to you for continuing to release a wonderfully utilitarian OS cum fully functional system ISO for more than a decade at least, when nothing is permanent in this fleeting world. Your service for the humanity is much admired. We consider you as one of our own family member. At a higher pedestrial.

Please don't consider the following as a slight or a lack of gratitude. Kindly consider this as a request and an expectation from a family member.

I have Debian lxde as the booting OS for all our home computers. Stretch 9.11.0. We use that system minimally, as we are highly habituated in using Knoppix for all our work. Knoppix helps us save time by avoiding rigorous efforts that is required while creating a system that Knoppix already offers.

There leafpad, pcmanfm and other packages can handle unifont filenames.

However, the same unifont filename handling isn't possible in the afore-mentioned version of Knoppix. Despite us installing Unifont in Knoppix.

I am Not requesting that 8.6.1 be edited. But at least these trivial issues should be addressed in later editions of Knoppix.