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Thread: Knoppix doesn't boot on AMD X570 / Ryzen 3900X motherboard

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    Knoppix doesn't boot on AMD X570 / Ryzen 3900X motherboard

    Hi - I tried booting various versions of Knoppix (v8.6.1, v8.6, v7.2.0) on my AMD X570 chipset-based motherboard with a Ryzen 3900X processor.

    I have the BIOS configured for UEFI booting. Once the boot sequence starts from the Knoppix DVD, I just see a blank screen with a cursor, and nothing else occurs after that. I have tried booting from DVD and USB, and both act the same.

    Is there something I need to do to get Knoppix to boot properly with my system?



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    Quick update: I temporarily reconfigured my PC to support legacy booting, and Knoppix went a lot further into the boot sequence. However, it seemed to cycle continuously when attempting to set the video mode on my 4k monitor with an Nvidia RTX-2060 GPU.

    Knoppix still wouldn't boot when my BIOS was configured for UEFI only booting.

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    Unique GPUs/Graphics cards need Linux drivers. Could be downloaded from the website of the Nvidia website, Debian section.
    Have you read all sections of cheat codes and tried them, using the init 3 instead of the graphical mode? Please log on to your regular OS and read the help files available with your knoppix distribution iso/DVD/pendrive.

    Your would have been better served by posting your system details, if you have a Debian system installed, using the hardinfo package.

    Kindly be informed that Knoppix would boot easily without trouble on some of the general lap/desk-tops available on the market. But there are a bewildering variety of combinations of components available. So one should begin by using cheatcodes and then proceed step by step.

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