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Thread: cannot print

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    cannot print

    First: Knoppix, one word WOOOOW!!

    All is good except the printing that I cannot get going...
    I go to Print Manager> Add Printer/Class> Local Printer
    It sees my Lexmark Z43, no problem under Parallel Port 1
    I select the Printer, Manufacture and Model and then I get a Choice of 3 Drivers. I selected them all and nothing happens. Tried the Raw Printer thing and no go...

    Any ideas of what I must do?

    Thanks ALL!

    Another quick question: Knoppix is on the Cd Player but I want to play a music CD off my DVD player.... Is there a Helpful soul to help me bearing in mind that as I am typing this I am actualy using Linux for the first time in my life and this for the past 30 minutes....

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